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Mime Artists


This is the greatest show

Mimes, Jugglers, Acrobats, Magicians and many more...

Welcome to our circus menagerie. From classic characters such as mimes or clown to fun and extremely entertaining walkabout characters,

we balance these timeless performance in today's world.

How about an other joke? ...

Circus & Roaming Acts: Product
Circus & Roaming Acts: The Talent
In the air


Acrobats, Aerialist, Fire eater, Excentric Clowns, Mimes

all circus related act to be found in this section 

check our media section to see different circus act we can provide.



Roaming act are like a carnival at any time of the year,
we can create a parade, with a lot of funny and edgy characters mixed with special acts and some musicians and voila, a unique potpourris efficient for last minute request ideal for outdoor place and mall activation.
check the media section to see more

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